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Siding – Lic: BC706473

Simple and Beautiful Way to Change Your Home.

The biggest single factor in your home's image or "curb appeal" is the siding. The smallest and seemingly most insignificant modification can dramatically affect your home’s appearance.

Allstar Construction Management can educate you on the latest options and trends to give your home the look that fits you and your greatest investment. Whether it's a classic and rugged cedar, durable and paintable fiber cement and energy-efficient insulated panels, or an economical and maintenance-free choice such as aluminum or vinyl siding, we are experts at matching you and your budget with the siding that works for you and your home.

Residential siding alternatives and associated products offered by Allstar Construction include:

  • Fiber cement, including James Hardie siding (all types)
  • Wood siding (all types)
  • Vinyl siding
  • Aluminum siding
  • Steel siding
  • Composite siding
  • Soffit/fascia (all types)
  • Gutters and downspouts (all types)

Allstar Construction 5-Star Siding Program

Consulation and Communication

  1. One of Allstar's trained siding consultants listens and works with the customer to design a solution that fits their wants, needs and budget.
  2. Siding Specifications and Recommendations are clearly defined and detailed on an easy to read and understand contract.
  3. Details of the project are reviewed by an Allstar Production Manager.
  4. An install date is scheduled that is convenient for the customer and coordinates with other trades.
  5. A clear and detailed work order is assigned to one of our professional siding foremen.


  1. A foreman goes over the scope of the work and addresses any special concerns that the customer may have. Customer may leave the provided Special Instructions Sheet on the front door for the foreman.
  2. Material and dumpster are delivered to the job site and safely placed in proper locations. Boards are placed under dumpsters to protect driveway.
  3. Grills, pots and patio furniture is protected or moved away from the house during construction.
  4. Siding equipment and scaffolding is safely set up around the home. Plants, yard & decks are protected as needed using tarps & plywood.

Expert Installation

  1. Old siding and nails are removed from the home and disposed of or recycled in provided container. Old caulking is scraped clean.
  2. Trim and sheathing is inspected. Pictures are taken of any rotten wood or trim and replaced as needed.
  3. House wrap is installed to exceed Minnesota codes and standards. Seams are taped and flashed to insure a waterproof seal.
  4. Fascia metal and window and door wraps are custom made on site. Metal is installed to exceed industry standards and give you the look you want.
  5. Premium siding is nailed to the home using manufacturer’s recommendations.
  6. Matching accessories, caulk and flashing are used to create a quality & professional finished product.
  7. A daily cleanup is performed to keep your property looking as nice as possible during the process.

Wrap Up

  1. Patio furniture is moved back in place.
  2. Excess debris is removed from plants & bushes. Yard is raked and walkways are swept clean.
  3. Dumpster is removed and driveway is swept.
  4. Siding is cleaned to remove any scuffs, dirt or pencil marks.
  5. City is called to finalize the permit.

Quality Assurance

  1. A final walk-through is done by the foreman and the customer (if available), and final details are completed prior to crew leaving.
  2. Customer is given an opportunity to inspect the project and note items that need attention on the provided Punch List.
  3. Siding is inspected by one of Allstar’s trained Production Team Members using our own 60 point checklist.
  4. Final details are noted and taken care of prior to the Production Manager signing off on the job.
  5. The Allstar thank you gift is sent to the homeowner upon receipt of the Allstar Evaluation and final payment.

Allstar Construction Commercial proud to use products from these fine manufacturers:

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