From Big To Small, Every Home We Work On Is The Most Important

Your investment in your home is an important one. Financially, yes, but emotionally as well. Allstar understands this, that's why no job is just a job. We inspect, check and re-check before, during and after the work takes place to make sure your home is safe and secure.

More Than A House...

A Living System

Trust Allstar

We know you might find this surprising. But contractors are people too. Every sales consultant, team member, leader and inspector has a home and they care for it as much as you do yours. It's more than a roof and four walls we can side and seal, it's the place where your family lives and grows.

Allstar works each job with this in mind.

From the very first inspection, Allstar checks your home for common issues. A lot of our customers are surprised by this. Some think we are just looking for things to sell you, but the truth is your house, roof, siding, windows, doors and ventilation is a breathing creature. If you call us to fix your roof, we are more than happy to come out, seal it up beyond what the state demands and make sure you don't have any problems for the life of your roof. But that is irresponsible once you know all of the problems that can cause.

A roof on many houses breathes. If you seal it up with a new roof without checking to make sure your house can breathe in other ways, any number of things can happen, from annoying to destructive. We see it as our duty to check to make sure none of these things can happen to you.

Allstar has been in business for 35 years. In this industry, that doesn't happen by accident. It happens through 92% of our jobs coming through referrals. It happens with many happy customers. It happens because Allstar knows how things should be done, not how they can be done cheaply and quickly.

Allstar also has you covered with full insurance for anything that could possibly go wrong during a job. Allstar is good, but even we cannot foresee every possible mistake or accident on a job site. That is why your home, everyone in it, the property around it, and the workers at the job site are 100% covered against damage from job related activiites.