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Your Allstar Construction Masonry Team

Regina Hiller

Masonry Operations Manager

Regina was hired to perfect and lead our Masonry Division and the processes to better serve our clients. She joined our team April of 2013 and brought 14+ years’ experience in Masonry, Team Leadership and Exterior Design. Regina has the ability to connect with people and communicate effectively. Regina is extremely passionate about stone and fine detail. This unique combination has been clearly evident to our clients and their project outcomes. Regina has played an integral role in the continual growth of our Masonry Division and we are ecstatic as to what the future will bring. You will see Regina on-site instructing, organizing, designing and helping to carry out our client’s dreams with the Allstar Team.

Clint Fullerton

Masonry Artisan

Clint has been in the masonry field for 18 years. Clint also has a background in landscaping. This unique combination enhances his overall experience on our team. He is very passionate about stone and most importantly customer service. Clint has multiple strengths; his positive attitude, problem solving skills, loves a good challenge and his attention to details. Clint meets all requirements on any masonry project.

James Thell

Masonry Artisan

James graduated in 2009 from North Dakota State University with a degree in Landscape Architecture. Experience was gained with a design/build firm from a design perspective as well as a schematic, with regards for installations. Background includes projects constructed with wood, stone, and manmade fabrications to both enhance and incorporate living spaces. Time gave way to new opportunities for equipment operation, tools surrounding the industry for stone fabrication, and a general knowledge of the overview and collaboration for a successful project.Jim joined our team the summer of 2014. Jim brought to our team 27 years’ experience of residential masonry installation. He cares deeply about detail, finished product and customer satisfaction. He is passionate about our Team and our clients.

Mathew Jenson

Masonry Artisan Apprentice

Mathew came to our team with over 15 year’s masonry laboring experience. Mathew started out laboring for his father’s masonry company. Mathew joined our team as a laborer and is now an apprentice mason. He has shown us that he is more than ready to be laying stone in the wall. His careful study and paying attention to detail has shown us and our clients that he was ready years ago.

Mike Haas

Masonry Artisan

Mike has been with Allstar for ten years. Mike has 28 years’ experience as a masonry artisan. Mike is very passionate about details and client satisfaction. He has the ability to work on anything that is laid in front of him. He is one of our team members we lean on for his problem solving skills. He has a mind of an engineer. Anything he touches is always done with perfection. He is has played a huge role in the Allstar Masonry’s success.

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