Some of Allstar's Favorite Products

Allstar takes great pride in using only those products that we believe in. Products that we have found to be reliable, with quality construction and few reports of malfunction.

Every year each manufacturer gives our team of consultants training on new products, changes to the product lines, and shows us how their products can best fit into Allstar's philosophy. Not every product and not every product line from these manufacturers make it onto our "short list" of products. This doesn't mean these are bad products, it just means that Allstar is waiting for feedback to hear how well the product performs, the product doesn't fit well into Allstar's "Whole Home"/EHLMA philosophy, or the product just overlaps with a product that we have been using for years and know will perform for our customers.

Of course every year it seems like there are a couple products that just make us say "Why hasn't everyone been doing it this way all along?" You will find some of those, as well as some of our favorites in these pages. Please let us know if you have any questions, or would like to hear about a product we haven't listed here. We are always up to date and willing to help our customers through the selection process.

While definitely not a complete list, we have brought together some of our favorites on these pages, and will continue to do so on a regular basis.