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The Metal Shop

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The Metal Shop has been installing custom roofing products for over 10 years. With our state of the art fabrication equipment no project is too complicated for our staff to build and install. The Metal Shop can also provide any materials to be fabricated to your liking for your next custom project. All flashing orders are fabricated within a 24-hour time period for your project.

The Metal Shop is a company built on decades of experience in the industry. A team of expert metal craftsmen and installers working with the latest equipment. If you can dream, design, and make a place for metal work in your new project or on your home, The Metal Shop can get the job done, delivered and installed on time. We can handle everything from copper gutters to enhance your home to large metal roofing, wall, or ceiling-tile jobs – everything custom made to your exact specifications and delivered on time.

The Metal Shop has been designed from the ground up to fit the needs of not just the largest commercial developer, but also the single home owner looking to update their home or just replace an aging copper gutter system. How does this help you? Our designers, estimators, installers and inspectors all have years of experience, not in just metal working, but in all areas of construction. Instead of producing a metal piece and simply dropping it off for the lowest bidder to install, we take the time to know the entire project. For example, a homeowner would like decorative copper gutters. There are many different factors we need to look at; roof angles, mounting surfaces, ways to insure the lifespan of the product we are installing, and most importantly, what will look best as a final product on THAT home, not what we are used to doing on everyone else’s home.

In short, we believe in service – beginning to end, large to small, and everything in between.

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