Unique Challenges For Maintaining Flat and Low-Slope Roofs

Keeping up the modern aesthetic, curb appeal, property value and functionality of a home, multi-family complex or commercial property hinges on how you maintain it, particularly when it comes to the roof. This is hard enough with a traditional sloped roof, but when you have a flat or low-slope roof the challenges are more complex.

Knowing what to look for when providing exterior maintenance for your roof will ensure it can withstand our harsh weather as well as provide protection for your tenants and homeowners for many years. Here’s how to keep your flat or low-sloped roof performing at its best.

Inspect Your Roof Regularly

It’s advised that you have your flat or low-sloped roof inspected once a season, looking out for:

  • Ponding water (this is a common problem for low slope or flat roofs because there’s nowhere for the water to go)
  • Holes, tears, cracks, rust or blistering
  • Weak spots at flashing edges

If you see these signs, get them inspected further by an experienced exterior maintenance contractor.

Prune Trees

Many sites (particularly multi-family residential) have lush vegetation, trees and bushes adorning the property. While all those trees look beautiful and provide shade, they can pose a threat to roofs. Keep branches trimmed back about six feet so falling branches won’t land on your roof and penetrate it. Large branches can result in immediate structural damage, while smaller branches and twigs can obstruct gutters and encourage pooling water on your flat roofs.

Clear Gutters

During the next rain storm, go check your gutters. Are they overflowing or clogged with debris? This debris can discourage the free flow of water, which will pool around the foundation and cause even more problems.

Remove Debris From the Roof

This is especially important in fall, when leaves and branches gather around drainage systems, flashing, and on commercial buildings, HVAC systems. Because debris can’t easily clear off flat or low slope roofs on its own like it can on high slope roofs, the debris must be physically removed so it doesn’t accumulate.

Clear Snow and Ice

In the winter, you should regularly shovel snow off your flat roof and clear ice. Snow is very heavy, which can weigh on your flat roof and cause structural damage and leaks. When ice melts, it causes pooling of water, so keep an eye on this too.

In the end, you have to be vigilant about maintenance of your flat or low slope roof. And if you don’t have the time or equipment to conduct regular maintenance on your own, call a roofing specialist to do it for you so these important tasks don’t get neglected.

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