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water intrusion

Water Intrusion


Broken pipes, sewer backups, or storm-related flooding ravages a home’s contents and structure. You only have one to two days to dry things out before you start to have permanent damage. You need an expert to work quickly to remove the water, dry the interior, and repair the damage.  

Water intrusion issues can plague homeowners for years without ever being properly resolved. Regardless of the source, water intrusion issues must be addressed to prevent the development of serious, indoor air quality issues or structural instability. Until intrusion is stopped, the damage will only progress, causing more expensive repairs the longer you wait.

Moisture can penetrate a building structure in a multitude of ways causing a multitude of problems- rotted wood, peeling paint, water stains, mold, etc. Due to the complexity of these issues, it is vital that homeowners partner with an expert to resolve water problems. Although all of the building elements in your home work together, each element needs to be inspected to ensure it is intact and working properly.

Allstar is a leader in finding and fixing the source of your water intrusion problem. Once the extent of damage is determined, steps can be identified to restore your home back to a safe and beautiful environment. Protect your investment, protect your home, and protect your family.

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